About Coach John.

I grew up in Hollywood, Florida in the 1960's. Right after my junior year of high school I began working at the local pool and cabana club where I guarded the pool and began to teach swimming. I basically showed 4- 6 year olds the fundamentals of getting around in the water. I had no real teaching techniques but nevertheless I achieved a moderate level of success.

Upon returning home from my freshman year at the University of Florida in the summer of 1966 I began the first of 3 stints of Guarding on Hollywood Beach. After graduating from the University in April of 1970 with a degree in Physical Education I married my high school sweetheart (to whom I am still married) and began my final 6 month tour as a beach guard waiting on pilot training in the US Air Force.

I separated from the military in the summer of 1977 after serving 6+ years and in December of that year I began an airline career in San Diego which spanned 36 years retiring in April of 2013. That same month my younger daughter enrolled her two boys- ages 17 months and 4 years in a 7 day swimming course conducted by Coach Tom Bradbury in Atlanta . I was sent a video after day one and as expected the younger boy, Owen, protested (cried!) loudly. I received another video after day 3 and to my extreme surprise and joy Owen was laughing and giggling.

I was amazed upon viewing that video and immediately decided that I wanted to acquire the 'magic' skill that Coach Tom had honed over the last 57 years. I crossed my fingers, contacted Coach, and made my case. He agreed to help me learn his craft. I observed 3 consecutive 7-day classes totaling 90 students. 45 hours was spent closely watching the initial three days of each class as Coach won each child's trust and confidence. Another 60 hours was spent hands on in the water with the children on days 4 and 5 followed by children and parents on days 6 and 7.

Coach Bradbury outdistances other teachers through the use of his straightforward methodology which is simply based on psychology and consistency. The 'secret' lies with Coach Bradbury's execution. He firmly but gently imposes his will on the students with almost immediate compliance.

In the 3 weeks I spent with Coach Bradbury he graciously shared every aspect of his philosophy and success over these last 57 years with me and as a result I am an extremely well trained and confident swim instructor. As parents you will be amazed and overjoyed as you watch Coach Bradbury's teaching methods unfold before your eyes through Coach John. I look forward to teaching the life skill of swimming to members of your family and friends.