Coach John is MAGICAL.  Our 5-year old son had very high anxiety about swimming—which was a huge impediment to his swimming progress.  He was in weekly swim lessons for 2 years, and still wouldn’t put his head under water–much less swim or get himself safely to the side of the pool.  
After four days with Coach John, our son was swimming 5-6 feet with his head underwater, and wanted to swim across the whole length of the pool!   I had never seen such a transformation before, and I would not have believed it if I hadn’t watched it with my own eyes.
What John helped our very anxious son accomplish–and the confidence he inspired in him–was tremendous.  We will be forever grateful for what he helped our son achieve, and for the peace that it brings us as parents knowing that our child is safe in the water.  
JOHN!Julie Lopez - August 2018
My 5 year old son had been in swimming lessons for the prior 2 years without any success. We were recommended by a friend to sign up for coach John’s seven day swim lesson. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Each day my son’s confidence in the water grew because of the training techniques John implemented in the pool. By the end of the week, we were amazed at the transformation we witnessed. My son went from being terrified of going underwater to someone who loves swimming and being in the pool. It would have never of happened without the bond John formed with my son making him feel comfortable in the water. Gene - July 2018
Thank you so much for truly changing our lives. This was the one aspect of her life she lacked confidence in. There are no words that express the gratitude we have for you helping complete her. She is so happy, and will be safe. To have this for life is simply priceless!!!! Who knew 4 days could change your life forever? I would never have believed it could have happened if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Quite frankly I’m still in shock that my girl who has been terrified of the water for years is begging to go swimming now. The transition is astonishing!!! You have made us believers. Thank you Coach John with all our hearts!!J. Hoffman
Mr. John, taught my 3 year old and my 21 month old how to safely swim to the steps and the side of the pool! While the first few days, my children protested and used everything they could think of to try and manipulate Mr. John to let them get out of the pool, they both gave up and realized that they could do what Mr. John was asking of them. I watched my children go from terrified to willingly and comfortably swimming in only a few days. Mr. John was compassionate and comforting with my children when they needed him to be, but he was also playful and silly with them during other moments. Not only did Mr. John teach my little ones a life saving skill, but he also developed a relationship with them built on trust. THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN!! FOR EVERYTHING!Sean, Denee, Dominic, and Cody (and Xavier too)
Our experience with Coach John was nothing short of incredible. Jase (4 years old) had an extreme fear of the water. He stated one morning that he had a dream of being at the bottom of the pool with water pouring into his eyes and he couldn’t see. He would scream and cry for a towel at bath time when he got any water on his face. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure anyone could help Jase conquer his fear of water and move past his anxiety. Watching the process of Coach John building Jase’s trust in him was truly amazing. On Day 3, Jase finally stopped crying and Coach John was able to break through the barrier Jase had against water. I could not believe my eyes when he went under water and there were no tears or screams pleading for a towel. On Day 4, we had something resembling a horizontal swim. Jase actually said he LOVED swimming. On Day 5, Jase performed the “drop, turn and reach for the side” giving Jase the ability to save himself if he fell into the water. On Day 6, Jase performed a full-on underwater swim with arm circles. On Day 7, Jase leaped off the side of the pool yelling “SPIDERMAN” and swam gracefully to Coach John. I have never been so proud. Coach John made a forever impact on Jase and our family. This was more than just swim lessons. Coach John gave Jase confidence like we have never seen. We are deeply grateful for Coach John and the entire experience.
Channing B.